7 November 2012
Congratulations to Eastie, Claire Kersten, on being selected for next year's Pulse squad. It's a strong team and we are looking forward to another great season. Go Claire!
4 September 2012
Congratulations to the winners of our raffle, and thanks to everyone who supported us and donated towards the prizes.
4 September 2012
After a fantastic season we like to take time to acknowledge and congratulate all our fantastic players and achievements.
26 August 2012
Congratulations to East 1 for a dominating performance over PIC Green in the final of the Regional Super League.
27 June 2012
East are dominating both on the court and in the press with another article on our winning streak.
14 June 2012
Another positive mention in the news of our Premier 1 teams who are both moving off into the Regional Super League for round two of the season.
15 May 2012
A short but sweet article appeared on today outlining how strong East is this year with our top 3 teams dominating the Premier 1 and 2 grades.
5 May 2012
We are having our first Club Night this month, this is a day where we like to see as much of you as we can all come down to our clubrooms and hang out with your team, as well as the wider club. This is a good chance to get that all important team bonding happening, you really can't beat having a team that gets along off the court to help strengthen on court play.
20 April 2012
It's finally here, this weekend kicks off the beginning of the season with all of our teams taking the court for the first round of competition.
23 March 2012
Please see the list of our Senior Teams