23 March 2012

To follow are the names of players in our 5 Senior teams.

With such a good turnout at trials, we have named 5 Senior teams.  Please note, there will be players added to the Senior 2 teams, these are to be confirmed.


East 12 - Senior 1

Nicole Burroughs

Amy Kiddle

Leigh Hollow

Liana Jordan

Marlissa Howard

Lucy Spencer

Michelle Healey

Naomi-Blaire Ngaronoa

Terina Manunui


East 13 - Senior 1

Alley Dunphy

Jasmine Cameron

Jess Van Haarlem

Lucy Motu

Rachel Conner

Rhiana MacDonald

Hayley Smith

Natasha Davey

Crystal Horomona


East 14 - Senior 1

Anna McHardy

Hannah Hoang

Katie Postles

Stacey Lokum

Casey Pickett

Jessica Kibblewhite

Dannielle Prout

Kelly Haysom

Sophie Gomans


East 15 - Senior 2

Cath Fawcet

Clare France

Hannah Clayden

Kirsty Fisher

Kirsty Leatham

Rachel Mangin

Sara Mangin

Kimberley Gill


East 16 - Senior 2

Bhavana Chhagan

Kate O'Carroll

Erin O'Brien

Katie Herbison

Julie O'Brien

Laura Ellison

Laura Sinclair