Senior Grade Teams Named

19 March 2013

Thank you to all who came to the Senior grade trials, after much deliberation we have named our 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th teams.

We were very impressed with the standard at trials, which is why it took a little longer to finalise. Thanks for your patience!

OUR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 20 March (tomorrow!)

This is where you get to meet your new team, coach and the committee. It is also the time where all uniforms are given out, so make sure you put Wednesday 20th of March in your diaries.

Additional to East 8

Danae Gardner

Chelsea Marsh

Vicki Webster


East 10 - Senior 1

Coaches:  Marijke Preston & Shannon Fugle

Natasha Davey

Candice Campbell-Tawhara

Gemma Mackey

Tara Broderson

Emily Reardon

Kirsty Fisher

Sarah Kelly

Catherine Reid

Alley Dunphy

Kimi Thompson


East 11 - Senior 1

Coaches: Fobbie Babe & Sara-Lee Ryan

Kylee Wihapi

Maylene Godinet

Toni Hartley

Danielle Prout

Jessica Staples

Lauree Toleafoa

Anna McHardy

Trudy Cunningham

Marlissa Howard


East 12 - Senior 1

Coaches: Chloe Hannen & Toots Masun-Ryan

Ana Tomari

Jordana Freeman

Jasmine Cameron

Brooke Anderson

Kate Finlay

Sarah Franich

Tessa Blades

Casey Pickett

Cath Fawcett

Monique Moyniham


East 13 - Senior 2

Coaches:  Chelsea Marsh & Candice Campbell-Tawhara

Lizzy Tinkler

Kaye Mayo

Shannon Halliday

Chantal Costello

Hannah Hoang

Denise Garland

Karen Bradley

Rachel Squire

Ruth Kiery


East 14 - Senior 2

Coaches: Fobbie Babe & Trudy Cunningham 

Esther Martin

Sara Mangin

Erin O'Brien

Frances Wooles

Bhavana Chhagan

Kirsten Hurrell

Melanie Sharp


There are still places in a number of our teams - if you missed trials, or have not been placed in a team, and are interested in playing please let us know