Premier Reserve Teams Named

3 March 2014

Thank you to all who came to the Premier Reserve grade trials, after much deliberation we have named our Premier Reserve teams.

We had a high standard of trialists this year, and appreciate the time and effort you all put into trials. If you have not been named in one of these teams, please come to the next set of Senior trials on Tuesday 4 March at 6pm at ASB Stadium in Kilbirnie. 

If you are unable to attend Tuesday's trial, and are still interested in being placed in a team, please email the club as soon as possible. 

If you have been named in a team, and you are now unable to play, please email the club.


EAST FIVE - Premier Reserve 1

Coach: Delphina Gray
Nicola McCarthy
Aleisha Hutton
Arama Rata
Hannah Lawrence
Samantha Hannah
Olivia Harris
Betty Holden
Michelle Taylor
Bryony Cunningham-Pow
Naomi-Blaire Ngaronoa

EAST SIX - Premier Reserve 1
Isabella Ioapo
Jaimie Taouma
Kim Davidson
Toots Masun-Ryan
Sharon Semu
Sala Gray
Kym Flazsa
Denise Sheehan
Amy Shortis
Emmy Garnons-Williams
EAST SEVEN - Premier Reserve 2

Coaches:  Samantha Hannah and Sarah-Lee Ryan

Shelley Pearson
Nicole Burt
Lydia Fraser
Cairo Terei
Rebecca Lynch
Melissa Grant
Sarah Johnson
Catherine Reid
Samantha Fleming

EAST EIGHT - Premier Reserve 3
Coaches:  Karen Broderson and Renee Edgar
Hayley Goodin
Tara Broderson
Rachel Chapman
Danae Gardner
Vicki Webster
Ellie Isaac
Jesse Barry
Kirstee Gee
Donna Glenn

EAST NINE - Premier Reserve 3
Robbie Herbison
Kim Wotherspoon
Julie Haggie
Darleen Manihera
Anita Pothan
Jenine Burroughs
Jo Waugh
Julia Roberts
Sue Pulham