Premier Reserve 3 & 4 Teams Named

12 March 2012

After 3 successful trials, we have named our Prem Reserve 3 & 4 teams.  Thank you to all those who trialled, it was a tough selection with the fantastic turnout and level of ability of all triallists, we are excited to name the following teams:


East 8 - Premier Reserve 3

Marion Hooley

Nicola McCarthy

Katherine Luke

Samantha Leggat

Seborah Hanipale

Tarin McGuire

Elle Isaac

Emily McLachlan

Catherine Duffin

Ashleigh McDonald


East 9 - Premier Reserve 3

Julie Haggie

Fobbie Babe-Hamilton

Anita Pothan

Kim Wotherspoon

Robbie Herbison

Jo Waugh

Jenine Burroughs

Sue Pulham

Julia Roberts


East 10 - Premier Reserve 4

Lydia Fraser

Elyse Oldham

Maylene Godinet

Samantha Fleming

Vicki Webster

Kala Madar

Hayley Bennett

Rebecca Wills

Clare Helliwell

Kirstee Gee


East 11 - Premier Reserve 4

Sally-Ann O'Reilly-Nugent

Susan Hungerford

Keri Climo

Jo Holmes

Lisa Paraku

Ingrid Jamieson

Trish Paterson

Elizabeth Day

Kim Meo



(Please check back to the website in one week for your finalised team)

Amy Kiddle

Leigh Hollow

Marlissa Howard

Nicole Burroughs

Rachel Conner

Rhiana MacDonald