Pre-Season Training

29 January 2012

Want to improve your fitness now that Christmas is over and trials are coming up? Here's a couple of ideas to help you out.

Netball Specific Training

A great way to prepare for the upcoming trials.

Steph Jones, a 2011 East 3 player and physiotherapist is runnning some pre-season trainings on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. These involve aerobic and body weight strength exercises building up to some plyometrics, sprinting and ball skills over the sessions.

@ Waitangi Park
Saturdays 10-11am
Tuesdays 6-7pm

Bring water, a towel and a netball if you have one.
$5 per person per session including handouts on stretching and strength for netballers.

ALL fitness levels and clubs welcome.



Run by elevate+ is not a 'bootcamp' but offers 4-week team training fitness programmes which incorporates numerous exercise methods such as intveral, circuit, cardio-vascular, weight-loss and boxing into one 12 session course. We cater to all fitness levels and our main goal is to assist you to reach your desired fitness goals!

With netball season fast approaching we can help get you game-fit and ready for netball trials! The 4-week course is usually valued at $220.00 p/p, but just for East Netball members it's 20% off, down to $176.00. Enroll with more than 3 team mates to get further discounts!

Session times available:
Mon, Wed and Fri
- 5.30am to 6.25am
- 6.30am to 7.25am

Also mid-morning/arvo times:
- 11.30am - dates TBC
- 1pm - dates TBC

4 Weeks is all it takes to help improve your fitness, 1 hour for each session on the allocated days. 12 hours to change and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Come down for a FREE session and experience it yourself, contact or 027 652 7002

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