Moving Indoors

5 January 2012

This season the majority of games will be played indoors at the new ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie. Finally we can enjoy warm and dry games every week!

We are excited to confirm that all Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior grades will play at the 12-court ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie next year. This season we won't need to brave the weather each week to take the court, and will be able to enjoy our games without battling the affects of wind and rain. Hopefully this will also cut down on the number of injuries throughout the season too.

While there are many positives to moving indoors, this does mean that there is a considerable increase in fees. We have been working hard to raise funds to help keep the fees to players down as much as we can, but do keep in mind that some of these increases may flow on in the next year or two. We will be able to give you more info at closer to the beginning of the season.

 If you'd like to know more about the move indoors and the fee increase you can check out the details here

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