First Club Night

5 May 2012

We are having our first Club Night this month, this is a day where we like to see as much of you as we can all come down to our clubrooms and hang out with your team, as well as the wider club. This is a good chance to get that all important team bonding happening, you really can't beat having a team that gets along off the court to help strengthen on court play.

Also, many of you may remember that it was at this time last year that we were first introduced to 'the beam' and a few girls from East 1 gave it a go. I believe that the challenge still stands from the guys to do it and I know that we have some amazing athletes amongst us, so I'm adamant that we can do this. So start hanging off the door frames in anticipation of May19th.

What do you think, can we rise to this challenge?  So come on down, bring those dancing shoes and be ready to have fun

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