2017 Premier Teams

Congratulations to all players who have been named in one of the teams below!

Thanks to all who attended our Premier trials - we had a high level of talent therefore will have a strong Premier Reserve 1 team. If you have not been named below, please check your emails to see what further trials we will need you need attend.


Coach: Helen Markham
Manager: Sarah Brown

Jenna Barrett
Kat Dimitrievska
Frances Duffin
Monalisa Groom
Claire Kersten
Evie Langlands
Crystal Lawrence
Laura-Meg McGlone
Emma O’Neill
Rose-Ann Rikihana
Whitney Souness

East 2

Coaches: Steph Simmons & Megan Simmons
Manager: Lizzie Cody

Sarah Bennison
Kenzie Findlay
Amelia Hamilton
Ardyn Hayes
Charlotte Mossman
Tash Pilitati
Tearii Pilitati
Shannon Power
Kamaia Takuira-Mita
Kate Wells
Rhia Williams

East 3

Coach: Mary Haggie
Manager: Sarah Miller

Briar Barnsley
Emily Bowden
Tara Broderson
Aleisha Hutton
Estella Oliver
Ruth Prime
Keriana Ruru
Megan Simmons
Masina Taulapapa

East 4 - Dyehards

Manager: Isabella Ioapo

Hannah Gale
Kelly Howe
Isabella Ioapo
Joanne Livingston
Toots Masun-Ryan
Naomi-Blaire Ngaronoa
Cid Pewhairangi-Byrne
Eleni Simons
Jaimie Taouma
Kendra Taurua